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The city of Florianopolis is the capital of the state of Santa Catarina, located east of the department over the Atlantic Ocean.

Its previous name was Nossa Senhora do Desterro (Our Lady of Exile), which changed its name to the present Florianopolis in honor of former Floriano Peixoto.

97% of Floria is on the island of Santa Catarina, where there are 42 beaches, many of which are virgin and little known by tourists. There are also 2 large lagoons: Lagoa da Conceição (Lagoon salt water) and Lagoa do Peri (freshwater lagoon).

One of the main activities of the town is tourism, visited every year by tourists from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile, mainly.

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Places to visit in Florianópolis
Proyecto Tamar Proyecto Tamar
El Proyecto Tamar comenzó en el año 1980 y tiene como objetivo la conservación marina.
Agua Show Park Agua Show Park
Agua Show Park es un gran parque acuático que tiene áreas temáticas, ideal para disfrutar con toda la familia.
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